Stunning Mother and Son Sunset Session | Chicago Family Photographer

When you’re still friends more than 25 years later…..that’s an awesome thing right there! We met in the first grade. She had a face full of freckles and white blonde hair. We grew close over the years and now it’s hard to believe that our little dudes are buddies and will be in the first grade in just a couple of years! I recently grabbed the two of them, waited until sunset and just saw if we could make some magic happen. It definitely did! Their own mom and son love story in pictures!

I love these images so much! The way they show how much love they have for each other, their playfulness and how much they adore each other. The way little Henry is so calm and relaxed in his mama’s arms when normally he’s a wonderfully, wild boy. Most of all I love that I get to preserve these memories that may otherwise have been forgotten for a dear friend.


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